Live picture production does a creative photography with experienced bunch of teams, they not only work just as a service but to ensure the best outcome and memories forever in life. First impression is the best impression with us for every service we render. We’ve have taken 100’s of shots over all the products. We understand the importance of producing professional eye-catching imagery that stands out and colorful in the market cooperation. Our high quality, eye catching product photography is typically featuring in Pre wedding, wedding, Baby shower, christening ceremony, advertising campaigns, magazines, catalogues, E-commerce sites. We also make the process as easy as possible and it our vision to always deliver at an affordable price without cutting corners and always client’s satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We’ve worked with many of the clients in and outside the city across a range of projects from catalogue shots to creative sets with high concept with elegant and colorful output and we consistently deliver imagery that fulfills even the most ambitious of briefs on projects big and small. The workflow we adopt enables you to brief your specific requirements before work commences, creating flexible, professional and efficient process, this ensures each project finishes on time and within budget.

Our talented and expertise team takes great pride in pulling off the projects that are trouble-free, cost-effective, and above all, looks beautiful. So, whatever your next project is, we can undoubtedly help you make it happen your dream comes true.


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